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Play Unravel 2's opening levels in its new trial

The full game!

Cutesy puzzle-platformer Unravel 2 now has a timed trial, giving ten hours to play the start for free. The sequel launched right in the middle of E3 earlier this month, the same day as it was announced and exclusively on Origin, so even I'd half-forgotten about it myself. I've only poked at the start of the trial so far but ah, I do have soft spots for walljumps and grappling hooks, not to mention fungi and crabs.

The big change with Unravel 2 is introducing a second character, another yarnite who can be controlled by a second player in local cooperative multiplayer or by switching between characters (and sometimes carrying each other) when playing solo. You can see a bit in this video from our videoman Matthew:

To play the trial, you'll need to download EA's Origin client then hit the store and click that 'Try It First' button. It's a 7GB download, cos it's the full game really.

We get ten hours to play the first two chapters of Unravel 2 (not the whole game as my lousy coffee-starved brain initially thought). This trial is only available until July 30, so snooze and you'll miss it. Yes, the demo has a both a time limit and a limited period of availability. Video games, eh?

If you decide you want to buy Unravel 2 for keepsies, saves and progress and unlocks will carry over from the trial to the full game.

Ta ta now, I'm off to find this pike I see in EA's marketing shots:

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Unravel 2

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