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Untitled Goose Game now has co-op for double the goose mayhem

Two geese are worse than one

What's worse than one goose loose in the local garden? Two geese, especially if they're of one mind on how to best torture the villagers. Stealth chaos game Untitled Goose Game has launched a free update that lets you and your best goose friend terrorize the town together. It's also now available on Steam and Itch.

The goose game is lovely solo, but I will admit that there was more than one occasion on which I wished that my little feathered devil could waddle just a bit faster. If only I could just nab something from the local shop and then outrun the woman chasing me off I could—well now I can.

House House say in their update post that you can progress a saved game whether you're playing solo or co-op, meaning you can bring a friend in to help out if you're stumped "and vice versa, if you and your friend do such a bad job cooperating that you have a falling out and you need to go back to single player," they say. Are geese typically cooperative creatures? I think not.

Co-op is local multiplayer only, but House House say that the game is compatible with Steam's Remote Play Together feature, giving you a way to co-op online with a friend.

You can find the Untitled Goose Game on the Epic Games Store and now also on Steam and Itch. It's currently discounted by 25% on all three stores for £11.61/€12.59/$14.99.

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