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Upcoming Evergreen Blues asks you to craft your own karaoke crooners

DIY lyricism

Karaoke is sort of choose your own adventure already, but Evergreen Blues aims to make it more so, allowing you and a friend to build the lyrics to the song as you go. It’s also taking out the pesky bit where you actually have to sing, since your character will do that for you, which is a big plus. You can see how it works in the trailer below.

There’ll apparently be six tracks to work within, with the on-screen art changing alongside the lyrics you choose. You can play solo but I definitely feel like this will work better in chorus with a pal. The slight clumsiness of the thing definitely lends itself to a cosy, shared comfort.

Developers Dominique Star and David Su have some history with these kinds of projects. As well as the interactive musical Yi And The Thousand Moves, they've made Seasons, which feels almost like a prelude to Evergreen Blues. It’s single-player only, has just one song, and you choose whole lines rather than individual words, but it’s free and playable in your browser, so you can get an idea of how a choose-your-own song generator works. It’s also just a bit of niceness for your Saturday evening (or whenever, I’m not your parent).

Evergreen Blues is scheduled to release on Steam and itch.io early next year.

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