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Update: Awesome RPS Gaming Rig Winners

Remember our gaming rig give away in January? It took a little while to pull all the pieces together and get the kits out to our winners. But it was quite a haul - a package including our favourite CPU, motherboard and graphics card combo - and well worth the wait. The lucky so and soes who won have had their booty for a few months now, so we thought we'd drop in and find out what life is like in the pixel-pumping fast lane...

Just to recap - and to give credit where its due from our immensely generous benefactors - the two prize kits contained the following unbeatable gaming goodness:

Intel Core i5-3570K CPU
Asus P8Z77-V PRO Thunderbolt motherboard
PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 graphics

Don't cry for David
All of which adds up to what remains the sweet spot for gaming grunt. So what of our winners? First, may we introduce David Agustín Dominguez, he of sunny Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. As our overseas winner, we had to leap a few logistical hurdles, negotiate some customs red tape. But eventually, it all arrived.

David's previous rig was actually far from shabby. Core i5-3450, Asus H61 and Radeon HD 6770 have the makings of a nicely configured mid-range machine. Would the new clobber give his games tangibly more graphical gumption? Over to David:

"The new rig is a lot faster in the graphics department. The new CPU is also faster, too, and I can overclock it now as the new mobo and CPU allow that.

This is David's serious face

"I’ve tested Crysis 1, Warhead and Crysis 2 and now I can play all of them at 60fps with maximum detail. The new Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and Metro 2033 also run like heaven. I tried Tomb Raider and Metro with my old card and couldn’t keep a steady frame rate unless I turned off AA and DX11 effects.

"I never finished Crysis 2 but now I’m on my way thanks to the new rig. Basically, I can now turn everything up in every game, something that I couldn't even dream about before."

Back in Blighty...
A happy customer, I think you'll agree. And what of our UK winner? We're kind souls, so we won't mention names (we know who you are and where you live!), but we haven't been able to get in touch with our UK winner, save to confirm he got the kit.

Did it go on eBay? Is he simply too busy playing Quake III at 1,700 frames per second? We may never know (but we'd still like to hear - it's not too late to get in touch!).

Anyway, there you have it. Read RPS and all your games will look awesome. Or something like that. There's nothing confirmed yet, but as things went pretty smoothly I've been giving some thought to another prizetastic give away. So keep your scanners peeled. Last time around it all happened very quickly...

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