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Hack the planet! Uplink's shiny new UI mod is finished

V. cyberswish

Introversion Software's seminal hacking sim Uplink may be fifteen years old but it's still one of the finest hacks 'em ups, Brendan will tell you. It's now looking super-fresh too, thanks to the amazing makeover mod UplinkOS [official site]. Along with a new look, UplinkOS brings fab features like support for opening multiple windows at once, now draggable and with tabs. Fancy! We've mentioned UplinkOS before but now, after several months of beta, a final release has arrived. Here, look at this swish style:

The original Uplink, for comparison, looks like this. UplinkOS redoes everything.

If you're curious about what Introversion make of this makeover, hey, you can watch them play with it. Mostly they say things like "This is great!" and "It's really good" while stumbling around rediscovering bits of their own game.

UplinkOS comes in two flavours, one for the Steam version and another for GOG.

Mod creator Cpt.McBacon calls this week's release "its final, Gold version" though he does note "Now, this doesn't actually mean the game is done, no game is ever done, but at least I've reached a version that’s as stable and as polished as I could make it". Perhaps expect some bug fixes at some point but, for now, play away without worrying about a stream of updates. Get hacking that planet.

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