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How to heal in V Rising

Discover how to heal in V Rising

Want to know how to heal in V Rising? V Rising might make you a powerful vampire, but you’ll find yourself in a brutal world in which everything wants to kill you. From poison plants to savage sunlight, you’ll lose health constantly as you explore and build in this survival MMO. If you die, you will lose almost all of your materials and items that you have in your inventory, which could mean hours are wasted on failed supply runs.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to heal in V Rising, so that you can regain health and ensure you’re always ready for a fight.

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How to heal in V Rising

There are multiple ways to heal in V Rising, but the easiest isan ability called Blood Mend. To use this ability, you must press the CTRL key to access your blood powers. This brings up a radial menu with various skills, including Blood Mend. While many of your blood abilities will only unlock as you progress further in V Rising, Blood Mend is available from the beginning. This means that you are able to heal using Blood Mend from the beginning, regardless of how far you are in the game.

Be aware that if you select Blood Mend, it will make your character briefly stop and hover in place while they heal. This makes you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Moving will end the effects of Blood Mend, so we recommend finding a shaded area away from enemies to heal safely.

Using Blood Mend will drain your Blood Pool, which is the amount of blood you currently have stored. If your Blood Pool reaches zero, you won't be able to heal further and will start taking damage. If you find yourself with an empty Blood Pool and desperately need to heal, either leech blood from a nearby creature or look in your inventory for an item that restores some blood, such as a heart or a dead rat. If you have some friends on the same server, you can also ask an ally to expose their veins for you, allowing you to suck their blood.

It's important to note that leeching blood from another creature may change your blood type, while consuming items from your inventory will reset it to frail. If you've found a particularly useful blood type, watch your Blood Pool as you heal and try to avoid reaching zero.

Fortunately, there are other ways to heal if you don't want to drain your Blood Pool. There are various salves and potions that you can craft to consume that will heal your character. These cost resources, but will not drain blood and are quicker to use. This makes them valuable items to use during a fight. You can make the Vermin Salve from the start of the game using the inventory crafting menu, but you'll also unlock other potions as you progress further and unlock more crafting stations.

That covers how to heal in V Rising. Now that you're ready for a fight, take a look at how to find bosses in V Rising. If you find yourself struggling against powerful foes, check out our guide on how to improve your gear score. This will require new weapons, which you can craft by learning how to find iron and how to find copper in V Rising.

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