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Valar MMOrghulis: First GoT 7 Kingdoms Footage

So it was promised, so shall it be. After a brief introduction to Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms - which promised an MMO in which "players form alliances through Player vs. Player (PvP), Siege combat, and politics to control Westeros" - Bigpoint vanished into the seat-and-BO-flavored mists of Comic-Con. And from that primordial ooze of glorious geekery, it's now produced one trailer. It features betrayal, war, power, and GIANT WORDS introducing each. Find it after the rather unimposing Wall that is our break.

So that looks pretty all right, huh? I mean, it's browser-based, so I wasn't expecting it to pull a [SPOILER BUT YOU PROBABLY KNOW WHICH BE-HEADED CHARACTER I'M TALKING ABOUT] on Guild Wars 2 and WoW. Can't say I'm too terribly excited about what appears to be more stand-in-one-spot-and-autoattack combat, but coolly calculated politics don't make for the most eye-catching trailers, so here we are. Some of the aforementioned siege warfare would've been nice, though. I mean, if Battle of Blackwater's an actual thing we can do, I'll be killing brave men on day one for that alone. And in the game.

Still though, Game of Thrones' popularity took everyone by surprise, and developers are struggling to catch up. GoT: Genesis and the recent single-player RPG were both pretty obviously re-stitched to better fit the TV show and rushed out the door, and I'm not entirely positive Seven Kingdoms isn't suffering the same fate. Game of Thrones is such a giant, ponderous thing that even Martin himself has trouble keeping up. It's the world's tallest house of cards in book form, and so far, I've yet to see a game do anything other than come precariously close to knocking it down.

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