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Valheim Fermenter time: how to make Tasty Mead in Valheim

Here's how to make Mead using the Valheim Fermenter

How do you brew meads in the Fermenter in Valheim? It's Fermenter time! Valheim gives players the ability to brew all sorts of fabulous meads using the Fermenter, but it's not exactly clear how the Fermenter works. Learn how to make Tasty Mead and other meads with our Valheim Fermenter guide.

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Valheim Fermenter recipe

The Fermenter in Valheim is a Bronze-Age structure that can be crafted using the Hammer tool. You can craft a Fermenter with this recipe:

  • 30x Fine Wood
  • 5x Bronze
  • 10x Resin

You can get Fine Wood by chopping down Birch or Oak trees using a Bronze Axe. If you're not sure what is needed for Bronze, check out our easy guide on how to make Bronze in Valheim.

Valheim Fermenter too exposed

A Fermenter in Valheim has to be sheltered before you can use it, just like a Workbench.

If you get a message saying "Fermenter too exposed" when you try to interact with it, then you'll need to either move the Fermenter to a more sheltered area, or build a roof and some walls around the Fermenter until you can use it.

Valheim Fermenter time

A Fermenter is used to ferment mead bases that you've crafted in a Tin Cauldron. Once you've crafted the mead base of your choosing, just take it to the Fermenter and interact with the Fermenter to place the mead base inside.

The Fermenter can only take in one mead base at a time. A Fermenter takes 2 in-game days to turn any mead base into its final product. This is equal to 1 hour of real-time, but you can of course speed this up by sleeping through the nights.

Once a Fermenter has finished its cycle, it will hold the finished products until you return to the Fermenter and interact with it again. At this point it will spit its finished products onto the floor. A single mead base creates 6 finished products of the same type.

How to make Tasty Mead and other Meads

Tasty Mead is a powerful consumable in Valheim which halves your HP regeneration rate but triples your Stamina regeneration rate for 10 seconds. This makes it a great tool to use while in combat against many or tough foes which require lots of stamina to defeat.

The "Mead Base: Tasty" item will make 6 Tasty Meads once placed in the Fermenter. Here's how to make the Tasty Mead Base in the Cauldron:

  • 10x Honey
  • 10x Raspberries
  • 5x Blueberries

Of course, there are lots of other mead bases you can craft in the Cauldron and then turn into meads in the Fermenter. Here are all the recipes for the different mead bases in Valheim:

Mead base: Minor healing (product restores 50 HP over 10 seconds):

  • 10x Honey
  • 10x Raspberries
  • 5x Blueberries
  • 1x Dandelion

Mead base: Medium healing (product restores 75 HP over 10 seconds):

  • 10x Honey
  • 10x Raspberries
  • 4x Bloodbag
  • 1x Dandelion

Mead base: Minor stamina (product restores 80 Stamina):

  • 10x Honey
  • 10x Raspberries
  • 10x Yellow Mushroom

Mead base: Medium stamina (product restores 160 Stamina):

  • 10x Honey
  • 10x Cloudberries
  • 10x Yellow Mushroom

Mead base: Poison resistance (product grants -50% poison dmg/duration for 10 mins):

  • 10x Honey
  • 10x Coal
  • 5x Thistle
  • 1 Neck Tail

Mead base: Frost resistance (product grants immunity to Cold and Freezing for 10 mins):

  • 10x Honey
  • 5x Thistle
  • 2x Bloodbag
  • 1x Greydwarf Eye

Barley wine base: Fire resistance (products grants -50% fire dmg/duration for 10 mins):

  • 10x Barley
  • 10x Cloudberries

And with that, you're now equipped with all the knowledge you need to start making Mead with the Fermenter in Valheim! While you're here, you may want to check out our guides on the best Valheim weapons and best Valheim armor.

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