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Valheim's dedicated servers should have lower latency now

And wolves will procreate less.

Valheim's wolves will procreate less now, which is good news if the viking survival sim's prowling population has torn you to pieces one too many times. This change comes via update 0.147.3, which perhaps more interestingly brings "huge changes to dedicated servers".

Those changes in brief? Most players should have lower latency now when playing on dedicated servers. Less brief: this is because the game now uses direct connections instead of Steam Datagram Relay (SDR). SDR is billed as a way to carry game traffic through Valve's network, making it faster and more secure, though it seems that hasn't been the case for Valheim players. The game's patch notes do note there's a Steam client beta already available that may fix some of the problems with SDR.

All the other changes in this build are minor fixes, although there's no mention of my favourite recent reported Valheim bug:

I've not seen this in action, but oh how I hope it's true, and how I hope there will be video of those buff seagulls soon.

Until then, if you want to take advantage of their lower latency, Ollie has a guide to how to set up your own Valheim dedicated server.

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