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Valheim's final Hearth & Home preview details axe buffs and bow nerfs

No more OP bow, folks

After plenty of previews and much ado, the major Hearth & Home update for viking crafting adventure Valheim is nearly here. Iron Gate have shown off the new hunger system, new foods, new ways to expel that food, and have now posted their last preview for the update. This one goes into some quick details on how the battleaxe and bow are changing. They say they're making the bow less overpowered but really, it sounds like an upgrade for me personally. Study up on all these changes before the big update hits next week.

Iron Gate say that all of Valheim's weapons have been rebalanced but the battleaxe and bow have gotten some of the bigger changes. The battleaxe has a shorter wind up now, along with more stagger damage and cleaving ability. It's still heavy though, so don't go getting in over your head with it. You can catch some axe action down here in Iron Gate's quick video.

The bigger change for me personally is the bow. Iron Gate say they're making it less overpowered. That may be true, because they've made it so that even at high levels you can't just instantly draw your arrows. They've reduced the stamina cost of keeping your bow continuously drawn though. I've always had a bit of a struggle trying to pin down drakes in the mountains when they refuse to stop moving around. This change will make it easier to wait for a decent shot without running out of stamina. Iron Gate seem to have had folks like me in mind because that's exactly the example they use in the demonstration video up there.

Now that it's nearly here, we've heard quite a lot of what's coming in Hearth & Home. Previously we've seen some new gold pile and treasure chest decor, lots of new foods, and the slightly sickening ability to puke your foods up if you want to switch to a new set of buffs.

That's all dropping next week when the Valheim Hearth & Home update launches on Thursday, September 16th. Although it's pretty swell already, Valheim is still working its way through early access. Iron Gate have said that the next big content update will focus on the Mistlands biome.

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