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Valorant error codes list: how to solve "something unusual has happened", Error 43, and more

What to do when "something unusual has happened"

Valorant may be a polished gem of a shooter, but its closed beta and launch has been far from steady for some players. Error 43 codes, timeout errors, and more have been plaguing a portion of the playerbase for some time now.

But our Valorant error codes guide will try to equip you with all the ammo you need to shoot down these error messages and get you back into the game as soon as possible!

Valorant timeout error - "something unusual has happened"

We'll look at all the established error codes in a moment, but first: let's fix the timeout issue that has been plaguing various Valorant players recently:


Something unusual has happened and it is taking longer than expected to load. Please restart to try again or reach out to Riot Support.

If you've received this error and it doesn't go away after restarting, you're not alone. Fortunately, it seems the playerbase has figured out a link between this issue and the presence of Gigabyte programs such as App Centre and Easy Tune on your PC. Simply uninstall all of these programs from your PC, then restart the PC and boot up Valorant again.

Valorant error codes list

Riot Games have handily supplied a table of all possible Valorant error codes, with a few words on what to do in each case. Have a read of the table below.

4Your display name is invalid.Something seems to be wrong with your Riot ID. You can change it here.
5Account was logged into elsewhere.Log out from all devices.
7Couldn't connect to session service.You might have a suspension on your account. Please check your email for more information. It could also be a platform issue. Be sure to check the Valorant Discord or Support Site banner for more information.
8 - 21Problems with the Riot Client.Restart the Riot Client.
29This is a network issue.Make sure Valorant is allowed past your firewall. On Win10, hit Start and type "allow an app through Windows Firewall". Check (and if necessary alter) the status of Valorant in the list.
31Failed to get player name information.Restart the Riot Client.
33The Riot Client process was closed.Restart the Riot Client.
43A system has timed out.Restart the Riot Client.
44Vanguard not initialized.Restart the Riot Client. If the problem persists, uninstall Riot Vanguard, then restart Valorant.
45Vanguard Reboot required.Restart the Riot Client. If the problem persists, uninstall Riot Vanguard, then restart Valorant.
46Platform downtime.Planned downtime allotted for maintenance. Check back later.
49Chat did not initialize.Restart the Riot Client.
50Voice did not initialize.Restart the Riot Client.
51Problem creating a party.Restart the Riot Client.
52Problem fetching skill information for players.Restart the Riot Client.
53Problem with Riot Client chat.Restart the Riot Client.
54Content service failure.Restart the Riot Client.

Valorant error codes

And with that - at least for the time being - our Valorant error codes guide comes to a close. But we've got plenty more to offer for any Valorant player looking to increase their skill and knowledge! Click any of the links below to head over to a different Valorant guide.

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