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Valorant's new agent Chamber spawns snazzy guns for himself

Why buy weapons when you can magic them into your hands?

The reason I enjoy Riot's FPS Valorant so much is because it has an excellent mixture of fun abilities and tactical gunplay, which is why I'm not sure what to make of its new character. Chamber is a French weapons designer who's set to arrive in the game's next Act on November 16th, and his abilities mostly involve spawning weapons. Not weapons you can buy normally in-game, but special weapons that he's made himself. Somehow, this feels like cheating.

Like, sir, this is a game where characters can throw smoke from their fingertips and attack enemies with magic animals. You can't just pull a pistol out of your pocket and call it an ability!

It's a very pretty pistol though, I'll give him that. It's spawned by one of his tactical skills, Headhunter, while his ultimate, Tour de Force, summons a snazzy custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with a direct hit. Killing an enemy with said sniper will also create a field that slows players caught inside it.

I'm curious how he'll fit in with these. Being able to spawn a pistol or sniper will presumably make the game a little cheaper for him, because he wouldn't really need to buy the Operator or Sheriff. It's also unclear if he drops these guns upon death or if they'll just disappear. It would seem unfair if he were able to give them to other players (or indeed have an enemy player nick one off of his corpse).

He does have abilities that don't revolve around weapons. Trademark lets him place a trap that scans for enemies, and when it finds one it will destabilise the terrain around them, slowing them down. Lastly, Rendezvous allows him to place two teleport anchors that he can warp between. These can also be picked up and redeployed.

Ultimately, Chamber is designed to be a somewhat defensive character. In a press release, character producer John Goscicki said he design came about because the devs were thinking of new ways to approach the Sentinel role.

"As we dove deeper into creating Chamber, it became clear that his gameplay revolved around highly lethal, pinpoint accuracy," he said. "Between your loadout, his pistol/ult, and gadgets, a player should be able to hold down a location - but it’s up to you to use the tools correctly and creatively."

Chamber will arrive in Valorant on November 16th. Before then, the game's new season, Episode 3 Act 3, launches tomorrow, on Tuesday the 2nd of November. It'll bring a new battle pass, gun skins and more.

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