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Valve VGA Vid Appears To Offer HL3 Clues

Who fancies a mystery? Valve prepared what must have been an incredibly expensive video for the VGAs' best character category, starring Wheatley, complete with Stephen Merchant's voice, floating in space and begging for help getting home. So, that's nice and fun, if lacking in the big laughs. (He didn't win.) But of course Valve being Valve, they've filled it with more details. Not many, but there's Russian text, star constellations in the background and weird numbers, which of course means those with a mind for such things are tearing it to pieces. Of course, it might have just been filler to make the image more interesting. But Valve MUST know by now that anything they add is going to be analysed to pieces, and they're clearly the sorts to troll their community in every imaginable way. What do you make of it?

Portal 2 did win for Best PC Game, Best DLC, Best Multiplayer (huh?), Best Performance By A Human Male and Best Performance By A Human Female, but lost out in four other categories, including Character Of The Year. Which is the category that brought us this:

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And here, should you wish, is it slowed down to half-speed:

So you've got the text reading 'OBSERVATION SATELLITE "LANTHANUM"', the latter word meaning, "to lie hidden", which in Greek reads:


You may recognise that first symbol from somewhere. Others are also arguing that the stars in the background form lambdas. I'm not too convinced on that one. And of course Wheatley finishes by saying "One, one, one", which simplistically adds up to 3 (in case you couldn't do that). But again, that's perhaps reaching. I've yet to see anyone trying to interpret what appears to be a barcode at the bottom though. So, go on you lot, solve it.

In other news, Valve are probably making Half-Life 3.

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