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Valve's Steam Deck trailer is a 60 second pitch for the handheld device

And it's a pretty good pitch

After a month of information dribbling out of IGN, Valve have uploaded a trailer of their own for the Steam Deck. They describe their new hardware as "the most powerful gaming handheld in the world," and "powerful, portable PC gaming." It's a strong pitch video, honestly, as I continue to debate whether I want to buy one.

As an aside, commiserations to the commenters under the video, the majority of whom seemed to have subscribed to Valve's YouTube channel several years ago to keep up with Team Fortress 2 updates. Keep the faith, true believers.

People who have got their hands on the Steam Deck seem impressed so far, noting its size and weight but saying it felt comfortable and easy to use. We haven't been able to try it ourselves due to Covid flight restrictions, but Katharine has been picking the brains of its designers. They pitched it to us as a reasonable option for people looking to upgrade their PC and explained why they weren't interested in making a handheld device that could only play indie games.

Indie games remain what I'm most interested in playing on it. It's a great sales pitch that it can play anything in my Steam library, but I can't imagine playing Control on a tiny screen or on a device that when taxed has a two hour battery life. I can imagine playing Hades on it without having to re-buy the game on Switch, where the battery life will more likely lean towards the 8 hour mark.

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