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Blood Hunt: 'Vampire Bloodlines' Game Trademark Filed

Speculation, away!

Friday evening is the perfect time to do something which is fun and exciting for a bit but doesn't necessarily mean anything, so let's gab about how White Wolf recently filed a trademark for "Vampire Bloodlines" specifically in relation to video games.

I realise it's only been a few weeks since we last crowded around a burning barrel to mutter "Coo yeah, wasn't Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines lovely? Wasn't it broken? What could it have been? Where is the first-person immersive sim future I was promised?" so hey, don't push yourself. Just... quietly nurse a pint for a minute to think about the possibility of a new Bloodlines game.

The trademark filing, spotted by 'Jedi Master Radek' on RPG Codex, was submitted in April by White Wolf Publishing. They are now owned by Paradox Interactive, the PC publisher who make games like Crusader Kings II and publish everything from Cities: Skylines to Magicka. White Wolf have danced around mentioning specific game plans before but c'mooon.

This trademarking could mean nothing. It could mean everything. It could kinda-sorta-maybe-ish mean something. Maybe they're simply getting their legal ducks neatly in a line, just in case, or maybe it's something popping back up, or maybe it's a trick, or maybe it's briefly visiting our world from Paperwork Hell, or maybe Paradox are planning to announce a game IN FIVE SECONDS!


That last one's a no.

Anyway, you tired yet happy end-of-weekers, go, go on, drink your drinks and dance your dances and 'bab your kebabs and run through the streets hissing the name of your Sire. Come Monday morning, you'll question your wild speculation about a Crusader Kings-style strategy game about competing vampire clans, your dream of a city management game playing as a Prince or Bishop, your craven desires for an actual proper Vampire Bloodlines first-person RPG. Come Monday morning, you'll doubt the trademark means anything. You'll wonder if all this ever even happened.

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