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Vampire Survivors' Chaos Update might have loads of Sonic references

Slay bats, skeletons and Werehogs

RPS’ favourite game of 2022 Vampire Survivors is getting even more content to suck me back in. Does this make it eligible for 2023’s Game Of The Year? Developer Poncle announced the new 1.3 Chaos Update is coming to Vampire Survivors on all systems tomorrow, February 9th. The Chaos Update brings a new challenge stage, two relics, and more features to the bullet-hell indie, but some fans are convinced the 1.3 update is actually an homage to Sonic The Hedgehog.

1.3’s new challenge stage is called Bat Country and, as you’d expect, there are swarms of bats in the trailer. The most satisfying enemies to squash in VS are the small, weak ones, so I’m happy. The first new relic is called Charm and it increases enemies' spawn quantity by 20 per rank (up to a maximum of 100.) The other relic is perhaps more exciting, as it lets us transform one of our playable characters. When you equip the new Chaos Malachite relic, the skeleton Mortaccio will morph into a super-sized skeleboy at level 80. Despite these exciting additions, the trailer is mainly dedicated to one new feature: MAX EGGS. Instead of endlessly clicking to buy individual eggs, you can now spend all your money at once and buy as many eggs as you can afford.

So, where are the Sonic nods? Of course, there’s the name Chaos Update, referring to the blue speedster’s transformative Chaos Emeralds. Then there’s the Chaos Malachite, which essentially lets you go Super Sonic - just a more boney, less gold version. And finally, the Bat Country stage features colourful stage blocks reminiscent of classic 2D Sonic, and a blue sphere background with the memorable fisheye lens. I hope Sonic The Werehog makes his long-awaited return here, as well. Of course, the name Bat Country is a more obvious reference to Fear And Loathing, but Sonic is more fun.

More Vampire Survivors is always good, and it looks like we’ll be getting much more in the months to come. The 1.3 Chaos Update launches tomorrow for PC, consoles, and mobile. For now, Vampire Survivors is available on Steam for £4/€5/$5.

Also, did you know Sonic's real name was revealed to be Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog, in the Archie comics? I did not, until today.

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