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Vampire Survivors’ latest patch crowns new character Queen Sigma today

The update adds even more cheat spells too

Earlier this month, arcade roguelike Vampire Survivors added a cheat menu of ‘spells’ in its Not One patch. They’re going not-one better with the 0.11.100 patch today, christened The All-In-One, by adding in more cheats, a new character and two more weapons. Witness the arrival of Queen Sigma in the fancy trailer below.

Vampire Survivors' 1.11.100 patch introduces new character Queen Sigma.

Queen Sigma is the new character introduced with this patch, and she can turn into a swirling vortex that looks like a psychedelic spiral galaxy. That’s really handy for ending enemies. Devs poncle say this patch is the last major update before Vampire Survivors hits the big 1.0 at launch, but promise that there’ll be “surprises” between now and whenever that turns out to be.

Along with Sigma come two new weapons: the Victory Sword and Sole Solution. The latter is an evolved version of the former. There’s also a new Arcana, Divine Bloodline. As with the previous patch, this new one introduces some fresh spell cheats to try out. This time they’re all for characters. Here’s the list:

  • - flymetothemoon : Pugnala Provola
  • - thetwoassassins : Giovanna Grana
  • - feldschlacht : Poppea Pecorina
  • - ifeellovevenus : Concetta Caciotta
  • - waitreaction : Iguana Gallo Valletto
  • - quandolodicelui : Divano Thelma
  • - paradigmshift : Zi'Assunta Belpaese

Matt called the game an “unquestionably compulsive treat” in his early access Vampire Survivors review at the start of this year. “Maybe you’ll spew fireballs and have a shorter weapon cooldown time,” he said, “or blast lightning while enjoying slightly increased AOE. It doesn’t matter too much, because within five minutes those buffs will be submerged under the sweet, sweet boons of a dozen or more level-ups.”

Vampire Survivors 0.11.100 patch descends onto Steam, the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass today. It’s still just £2/$3/€2. Have a read of the full patch notes here.

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