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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Swoops To GOG

We like this game okay

RPS will not - cannot, even - stop going on about Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Look! Kieron tried to be less of a dick, Jim wished for more games like its "action-soap opera", we interviewed writer Brian Mitsoda, and Cara got all S.EXE - twice. And it's one of the best RPGs, the best horror games, the best RPG worlds... we like it, okay. So sure, I'll mention that Troika's 2004 RPG is now sold on GOG too, with some vital community-made fixes included and all.

The great thing about Bloodlines, yeah, is that sure its plot has all those undead tragedies, but playing it lets you join in the real tragedy. You become an actor in the tale where we gnash our teeth and wish if only - if only! - its development hadn't been so troubled, we tear out our hair and dream how glorious - oh how! - it could've been if Troika had time and money for polish, and we cry at the moon and wonder what - oh what! - could Troika have done with a sequel if they hadn't closed, and we let the blood spill down our lips as we cry when - oh when! - will someone flipping well do something good with the World of Darkness again?

If you don't play Bloodlines, you only get to play the game of wishing everyone would shut up about That Damn Vampire Game. Less fun, that.

GOG are selling Bloodlines for £14.19. They say it "includes third-party technical fixes" from 'Wesp5', the fan behind the acclaimed unofficial Bloodlines patch. It's not Westp5's full unofficial patch, but enough to make Bloodlines... work. If you do want restored content and other bits, the full unofficial patch is this-a-way.

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