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Vehicles have returned to Call Of Duty: Warzone

Fuelled up and ready to go.

Well, that didn't take long. Trucks, quads, helicopters and the lot have made their way back onto Call Of Duty: Warzone's battlefield, after some crafty map-breaking exploits led to their sudden removal this weekend. The devs have given the all-clear to getting back behind the steering wheel, safe in the knowledge that you won't accidentally end the game by driving out of bounds.

Barely two days after forcing Warzone players to hoof it across the map on their own two legs, Infinity Ward today announced the return of vehicles as part of a small playlist update.

Warzone's vehicles were temporarily removed in the wee hours of Sunday, following the discovery of an exploit that let drivers roam freely outside map bounds for a short period before shutting down the entire server. Not a great result for a Sunday drive, and certainly not one the devs were willing to let pass.

So, for the last two days, Warzone players have been playing a much slower ground game - one where you can't just rock up in the party bus guns blazing. No wild helicopter decapitation sprees, nothing. Ah, well. You can rest those blistered feet now, because with today's update, all your motorized toys are back on the playground.

Whether you're hitching a ride or pounding dirt, our man Ollie's got the lowdown on the best loadouts for the best weapons across your bloody romp across Verdansk. Important stuff, even if you're an Italian rap cowboy.

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