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Vehicular MOBA Switchblade goes free-to-play


Switchblade, the vehicular MOBA from Lucid Games, is now free-to-play, just five months after its debut.

Switchblade was launched onto Steam Early Access in August of last year but has struggled to find an audience, despite a Mostly Postive player review rating and some big price cuts. It started at £16 but was down to £2 within months. Lucid hope that going free-to-play will help with that, as well as improve the volume of community feedback as they work towards the game's full release.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of the vehicular carnage that the game offers. Two teams compete in 5v5 arena-based battles where (as you'd expect) the aim is to push past towers and destroy the enemy's base. As with all MOBAs, teamplay is important and each vehicle has its own role to play, with unique strengths and weaknesses to take into account in any given situation. But this time, you're in cars.

As well as going free-to-play, a new roadmap is also in the works as a plan to update the game's engine could also change a few of the previously reported dates, meaning a slight delay for confirmed content, such as the Monorail map and additional vehicles.

You can check out the full announcement here and download it on Steam.

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