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Vermintide II's new versus mode lets you play as a bunch of absolute binlickers

Skaven' a good time

I've yet to properly express my love of Vermintide II in these hallowed RPS tomes, so let me go right ahead and say it: Fatshark's four player co-op rodent basher is my favourite use of the Warhammer fantasy licence that's not the other one, and is undoubtedly one of the top ten ratmashers of all time.  Now, it looks set to get even squeakier with Vermintide Versus, a 4-vs-4 PvP mode that lets you play as Skaven or Chaos, as well as the regular, distinctly un-rat-like heroes. Have a video:

Ratwise, it looks like we'll get a chance to play as some specialist classes, in addition to your regular everyday four foot rodents. From the looks of the trailer, you'll be put in the disgusting shoes of a Ratling Gunner, a fartsphere-hurling Bombadier, a wolverine-clawed Gutter Runner, and one of those absolute binlickers with the grabby poles that I'm getting angry just writing about. It will, admittedly, be a lot of fun to turn the tables and do some pole grabbing of my very own.

Despite repeated calls for PvP due to its beloved role in conceptual predecessor Left 4 Dead 2, Fatshark have until now been hesitant to introduce a multiplayer component into Vermintide II. But after experimentation during what the developers call 'Hack Weeks', they ended up enjoying the concept builds so much they developed them into a full release. It's a similar story to that of Titanfall 2, and more recently Apex Legends at Respawn. Yay for gamejams!

What's more, Vermintide Versus has been revealed on top of the already announced Winds of Magic expansion, which will add the Beastmen enemy faction, a new game mode, a new difficulty, new weapons and more. That one's supposed be out in September. A fine year for some ultra-violent, incredibly addictive speciesism, then.

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