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This great Twitter account collects safe rooms in games

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A new-ish Twitter account is collecting the save rooms, bases, shops, quiet zones, and other "safe rooms" from games (well, safe-ish) - places which I'm always happy to visit while playing, and glad to see pop up in my Twitter feed. The Safe Room is almost a safe room itself, a pleasant moment on that punishment of a website. Who doesn't hear the calming Resident Evil 4 shop music when they see a screenshot, or remember Firelink Shrine as a homely hostel? Curated by Dillon Rogers, who's currently making Gloomwood, it's well worth a follow.

The format is simple: a place, a game, a developer, a year, and a screenshot or two. I like simple. I like accounts and bots which pop something small and enjoyable into my feed (even when they are writing horrifying video game erotica); not everything needs to be an exhaustive exploration.




your day


You'll notice many of the rooms Rogers has chosen so far are from survival horror games - places where that moment of safety is particularly welcome. And not all of them are super-safe, some of them getting invaded, haunted, or murderised, or... but those moments wouldn't be as powerful if the places hadn't previously feel safe.

This reminds me of when we talked about our favourite video game apartments - places that are often safe rooms. Blade Runner's apartment with its city-watching balcony is one of my favourites, not to mention Paul's apartment in Deus Ex and our lair in Bloodlines. Now that I think, most of those lose their safety at some point. Apparently that's the sort of safety I crave: fragile.

Rogers started The Safe Room in May, posting a new room every few days, and I hope he keeps at it. Give it a follow!

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