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Video: The most exciting PC games still to come in 2018

On the horizon: zero yawns

Has it really been six months? 2018 is passing in a blur of frozen architects, drug-pushing prophets and accordion duets. Hell, six months ago the RPS Video Department was but a glint in Graham’s eye. You may also recall a gathering of the most exciting games of 2018, a rundown of the year as it looked back in January. With E3 done there’s a clearer picture of what the rest of 2018 looks like. Many games have slipped to February 2019 - the stampeding bandits of Red Dead Redemption 2 have them running for the hills - but we’ve rustled up 15 of the remaining games that fellow video person Noa and I are looking forward to.

A couple of points. It’s a reasonably mainstream list (though I’m not sure Tales of Vesperia is hogging many Steam wishlists), so for those looking for quirkier fare I point you towards our round-up of the hidden gems of E3. I’m also keen to hear what games have caught your eye, so I know what to sniff out for future videos. Please don’t list endless fighting games as I’m terrible at those and it will be humiliating to document that on YouTube.

I also realise that I managed to miss Disco Elysium off my list, which is about the stupidest thing I’ve done this year. My critical faculties are howling at the rest of my brain right now, which is rather apt considering this is the hardboiled detective RPG where you’re constantly at war with the competing voices of your own body and mind. The challenge is as much about keeping your personality in check, so that it’s technically capable of untangling the case, as it is tracking the mystery by more conventional sleuthing. It’s ludicrously clever and you can get a much better feel for it by reading Matt’s interview with its lead writer.

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