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Videoball Is Out Now, Now You Can Videoball


With all the European football out of the way the whole continent is currently nursing a sporty hangover. So there's never been a better time to sit inside and play pretend sports. Videoball [official site] (or VIDEOBALL for the caps lock inclined) is a sport you can pretend to play right now because it came out this week. Come and learn more about it and watch an 18 minute infomercial (!) about this game.

The rules seem easy. Teams of triangles (from 1-3 players on each side) face off across a pitch and control triangles, which can fire smaller triangles. Hit the round ball with the tringles to fire it toward your opponents rectangular goal. Yes, there are lots of shapes. It's very shapely. There are more bits to it - "slams" and "reversals" and so on, but you get the gist.

If you'd like the longer version, Graham posted about the release trailer last week. And if you'd like the even longer version you can watch this 18 minute infomercial recorded by Action Button, the game's creators, featuring one-time videogames writerman Tim Rogers, who is now responsible for helping to create pretend sports like this.

Did you enjoy that? That was a lot of words, wasn't it. But then again, Tim was once renowned in journalism circles for being given 500-word articles to write and instead producing 10,000-word sagas. But then again he is good.

Videoball is £6.99/9,99€/$9.99 on Steam for Windows.

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