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Void Bastards cleans up with Bang Tydy DLC and free workplace challenges

Keep it clean

Void Bastards was a right laugh, yeah? I had a proper good time blasting my way around the daftest comic 2000AD never made earlier this year, but it did get a little stale after a bit. There's only so many times a chavvy wee sod can tell you to shove a blaster up your arse before it starts to grate, y'know. Even if it's a lark for a few evenings, Graham felt it needed a bit more direction in his review. Today's Bang Tidy update might not reinvent that wheel, but it does shove a few more cats into the mix to keep things interesting.

Oh, but it's all quite British still, innit. Bang tidy, bobs yer uncle, cheek a peek at this 'ere trailer on the telly.

Bang Tydy adds a new corp to the nebula, meaning new ships, loot and foes. Tydy vessels bring new layouts and scrap to scavenge, letting you put together the Whackuum gun, a weapon that literally sucks (the life, out of your enemies, get it?). These new ships also carry a healthy number of Heart-starters, nifty wee things that respond to death with a swift "nah, actually".

Keep an eye out, though. Roaming vans drop off new fiendish Tydy bots on any ship they pass. Sucking can go both ways, and these cheery-voiced vacuum cleaners can rip the air clean out of your lungs, winding you faster than a tumble off your new space-BMX.

Don't worry if you're not planning on investing in Bang Tydy right now. Today's update also adds free Workplace Challenges, modifiers you can flip on and off to mix up your boarding actions. These are unlocked by beating the game or unlocking "Brownie points" and range from slopping oil on everyone's feet to slashing all but one of your hitpoints. Tricky stuff, that.

Bang Tydy is out now on Steam and Humble for £4/€4/$5. Until September 25th, there's a 20% slash to Void Bastards on all platforms, bringing the base game down to £20/€24/$24.

Disclosure: Former RPS chum Cara Ellison was a writer and pirate on Void Bastards. She also used to be Alice Oh's roomie, and I mind Alice talking a lot of guff about slime videos when the three of us first met at a bar up here. There's a lot of slime in Void Bastards, too. That's how we square that circle. Small world.

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Void Bastards

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