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Void Spirit will descend to Dota 2 this autumn

With a wicked big knife

Another new Dota 2 hero has been announced at The International, hot off the heels of Snapfire, the elderly lizard-riding goblin announced earlier this week. They should have lead with this one. Snapfire is not an easy act to follow. Still, Void Spirit will also be joining the MOBA this autumn, though he seems somewhat reluctant to do so in his introductory video, which you can see below.

“I’m really nosy, and I don’t wanna have to descend to the mortal plane where I can’t keep a close eye on everything,” complains Void Spirit. I may be paraphrasing. But still, valid. But he’s here to save his brothers anyway, in that kind of long-suffering way you do anything nice for a sibling.

“The great confluence approaches,” says he. Suitably ominous.

No details on exactly how he’ll play yet, but I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of that big double-sided energy blade he’s waving about. He'll be headed over to the auto battler Underlords as well.

He’s still no Snapfire. They will at least both be added together as part of the Outlanders update, sometime this autumn. Which is ages away. No one talk to me about how it’s September next week.

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