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Voodoo Garden: A Beautiful, Swampy Clicker Game

Clickety click

Today is an inbox day where I try to take the monstrous correspondence hydra to task, or at least lop off heads faster than they can regrow.

In the other window I have a build of Voodoo Garden [official site]. It's a clicker game set in a really charmingly presented swampy world.

I'm not sure how people feel about voodoo/vodou as a theme in pop culture in general - comfy? uncomfy? I'm kind of wary in case I'm accidentally treading into a minefield with this as it's not an area I know much about in terms of history and representation, but I wanted to flag the game up as an enjoyable clicker game so far with a really pretty art style.

It's got a lot in common with Plantera, which I was talking about here recently, but the mechanics are a bit more sophisticated - for example you use what you pick from the trees and plants in recipes and you can get the game to prioritise those recipes depending on the ingredients and their relative profitability.

Where the theme comes in is that you're growing and harvesting ingredients to be used in various recipes - flowers, mushrooms, honey, snake fangs, frog legs - the sort of ingredients that conjure up occult cookery, basically. You can also fatten up animals like chickens and rabbits. When they're big enough there's the option to sacrifice them so their spirits can help you tend your garden (when it's not raining).

Like I say, the voodoo is for theme/aesthetic rather than anything else and for me it comes off as charming and pretty to look at, plus I do enjoy a clicker game. I've been enjoying it, but I figured I'd state upfront that I'm not sure how people feel about voodoo being used in this way just in case I've missed something!

Voodoo Garden comes out on August 4 and will be £1.99/2,99€/$2.99.

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