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VR adventure Paper Beast is coming to PC and the Steam Game Festival

The critters are migrating

After debuting on PlayStation VR, sandbox puzzle adventure Paper Beast has announced that it will release on PC this summer. The semi-surreal sandbox puzzle is headed up by Pixel Reef founder Eric Chahi of Another World and From Dust fame. It strikes me as one of those games that's tough to wrap your head around without giving it a go. Fortunately, Paper Beast is joining the Steam Game Festival, meaning VR owners will be able to try the free demo later this month too.

"Meet intelligent creatures, help them, protect them, use their extraordinary abilities: their behavior adapts to your actions," say Pixel Reef. You can spot the gangly sort of critters in the new PC announcement trailer below.

There are some funny deer-like critters that you can pick up and move about. There's a long legged turtle critter wot seems to enjoy chasing around some giant wriggling red ball. They're weird little things, one and all, but yeah I'd definitely want to protect their goofy little selves.

Our friends over at Eurogamer gave it a go on PSVR already. "A typical Paper Beast level isn't complicated," says Christian Donlan in his Paper Beast review. "There will be a hurdle to get across in the landscape, and there will be creatures nearby creaturing about. This is my favourite moment of each sequence, I think, working out where I want to get to and what's blocking me, and then just watching the wildlife, waiting for its patterns and moods and talents to make sense."

As for what's new in the PC version, Pixel Reef say Paper Beast will have "continuous move support, upgraded visuals, further creatures and more."

Paper Beast will release on Steam sometime this summer. You'll be able to try it out during the Steam Game Festival from Tuesday, June 16th to Monday, June 22nd.

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