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Vroom! Project CARS Evolving Fast

Fast, you see, because racing cars are fast... I am good at this, eh? Anyway, Slightly Mad send word that their ongoing community-focused racing game, Project CARS, has a new release version available to everyone who has signed up, and has supplied a fancy gallery of car-images from the game, which you can see here and below. (Clicky for full size.) The new building includes a "brand-new 2011 Formula A car" with "more than 700hp of engine power." As well as new content "including the Ariel Atom V8, the 250cc Superkart and the Northampton circuit." Also, somewhat bizarrely, they have announced that the game has new force feedback features which are tuned against the racing skills of the man who used to be The Stig from Top Gear, Ben Collins. So that's a thing that happened. Fancy racing pics below!

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