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Now Roaming: Noncombative MMO Wander Released

But a bit wonky right now

A game about exploring a magical land as a tree person with the power to morph into other lifeforms sounds just dandy to me, and yeah, I'd probably be up for doing that with other people too. That's the idea of Wander [official site], a noncombative MMO which came out on Friday.

I've had my eye on the game for a while, obviously into trees and swimming and all that, but haven't been quite certain what the finished game would look like. Sadly the answer for now is "a bit buggy" but its makers are busily patching away.

Casting my eye over user reviews on Steam I see an awful lot of complaints about bugs and glitches. Oh aye, there are a few folks who seem startled by the idea of curiosity-driven play, but equally there are many frustrated by e.g. troubles with the glyph-based language system that's the only formal way to communicate. Nasty stuff, that. The team are working at it, though, sharing videos as they dole out fixes.

The idea of Wander - curious beings exploring a curious land, learning a language and new forms to transform into and searching out places to explore and play - sounds grand. It reminds me a bit of The Endless Forest [official site] by Tale of Tales [whom I know and like], which was (and is!) splendid. Hopefully the Wander team can fix it up. Anywho, here's the launch trailer:

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