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War Changes: Heroes & Generals Updates

The current IO Interactive may not be developing the next Hitman game but some of the studio's founders didn't work on Absolution either - they've been working on multilayered multiplayer WWII FPS Heroes & Generals at their new company Reto-Moto. I don't play many multiplayer games and I wish I could take back the few hours I spent with Guild Wars 2 and spend them cycling through a war instead. It's the strategic component that primarily interests me, the large-scale European conflict that the Generals prod at, but I don't spend much time as a soldier in my gaming life and having the greater purpose of the greater war beyond the battlefield might provide enough purpose to engage me. Latest vid below.

The game sees regular updates and the video shows the Eisenhower build, which is actually due to be replaced any day now by the latest stable version, codenamed Felber. I'll probably wait for that and then give the beta a shot. If anyone sees me running around looking clueless, be gentle with your bullets.

Heroes & Generals has been picked up for publication by Square Enix but doesn't have a release date yet. The next phase will be an open beta but no word on a date for that either. In the meantime, you could try signing up for the closed beta if this seems like your sort of thing.

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