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Alright, busted. I'm almost entirely posting about this because of the amazing name. WAR OF THE HUMAN TANKS is the best of all the names, you see. Would I be posting about this Japanese indie strategy game if it was not, in fact, called WAR OF THE HUMAN TANKS?


The title turns out to not refer to very big men who are terribly hard to kill, but tanks that are indeed humanesque and fight a proxy war on behalf of their actually-human creators. They might look like wide-eyed anime eternal children all doing that joyful shout thing, but the player builds them earned resources and can develop new types. All of which have great hair, apparently.

As for the game, it's grid-based strategy framed by a narrative that documents the conflict between the Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon. 'Japon' reminds me something else, but I just can't seem to place it.

Apparently it's been relatively successful in Japan. The below trailer immediately gave me a headache, but I think I managed to glean that it's vaguely Advance Warsy before I passed out.

Hmm. Bit hard to tell under the noise and jump-cuts, but there could be a thoughtful strategy game in there. Also, HUMAN TANKS.

That's out this Autumn, as localised/translated by Fruitbat Factory, and there are many more details on both game systems and what looks to my increasingly impatient eye to be too much narrative over here.

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