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War Thunder: Ground Forces Beta Advances, Storms Rezzed

Why wait for beta access?

The chaps over at Gaijin Entertainment are still waxing their moustaches and sewing cool patches onto their jackets, not quite yet ready to roll out War Thunder's tank-adding expansion Ground Forces. This weekend they plan to invite "a really large number" of new players to join the closed beta testing, rewarding pilots who've been completing daily tasks in the base game. Oh, life's always easier for the teacher's pet.

Or you could simply be at EGX Rezzed in Birmingham this weekend, where Ground Forces will be playable by all and sundry. Even Adam and Graham.

Everyone who completed at least 90% of the daily missions--which inevitably involved blowing things up--from will get into the beta this weekend, Gaijin explains. Buying your way in works too, with 'Starter Packs' starting at €20 offering in-game credits and vehicle unlocks. If you don't fancy any of that, well, you can always wait for Ground Forces to enter open beta testing later this spring.

Ground Forces adds tanks to the mix, seeing them trundle along the ground while players in the skies continue to chase each other around like excitable budgies. They plan to chuck in naval combat eventually too, giving a right old rumble across three elements, just like Wargaming plans to with their own World Of Warthings series. One can only assume the two teams will then race each other to add combat across the element of fire, and finally love.

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