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War Thunder Rolls Out Ground Forces Open Beta

Tank vs. tank battles now on

Everything I know about tanks, I learned from Brendan. My understanding is that tanks are big and made of metal and that some people like them quite a lot. So huzzah! After being in paid beta for a while, War Thunder's tank-adding expansion Ground Forces has launched into open beta. Watching the launch trailer, I am intrigued to discover that the pokey-out bit on a tank is actually a big gun, and that tanks are used for fighting.

While the ultimate idea of Ground Forces is that tanks will co-exist with planes on the same battlefield, picking at and supporting each other, right now tank battles are not fully integrated. The two will be occasionally united for testing, developers Gaijin say, until everything's all ready for war to rage fully across land and skies. Or you can just have a go at the 'Combined Arms' fights in a Custom Battle. The full planned lineup of tanks isn't place yet either, but eighty-odd wheelyguns from the USSR and Germany factions seems like a fair starting point.

The skies aren't forgotten either. Update 1.41 also added ten new aeroplanes, including several variants, reduced repair prices for many planes, tweaked balance, and fiddled with other bits.

Tell us about tanks, dear readers. I realise that the weird compulsion of video games culture to pick sides means War Thunder and Ground Forces are often pitted against World of Tanks and World of Warplanes in hot debates to the death, but I understand Gaijin are shooting more for realism than Wargaming's arcadeness, yes? Which is your favourite tank? If your favourite tank were a biscuit, which type of biscuit would it be? Tank you in advance for sharing, gang.

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War Thunder

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