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Warface bizarrely lets players be NotTerminators on Mars now

Get your shiny metal ass to Mars.

The face of war is always changing, and Warface's latest face is skull-faced androids fighting faceless robot drones on Mars, because why not? Perhaps My.Games have gotten their free-to-play shooter confused with Warframe? Either way, I'm always down for a little robot-on-robot laserfight action. The new update adds a new co-op mission set on the red planet, remote robot bodies to inhabit, zappy laser rifles and a swarm of new mechanical enemy types. Yes, there's even (robot) spiders from Mars; where's Bowie when you need him? Below, a trailer.

Originally developed by Crytek, but now in the hands of splinter studio Blackwood, Warface has been increasingly leaning into its sci-fi side for a while now, and this is the game's largest leap. Back in the early days it used to be mostly modern-day warfare with the occasional mech boss or power-armoured trooper to whittle down. Now players get to fight cyber-mutants in Chernobyl and battle energy-shielded gunships on top of super-villainous tower laboratories. A fitting shift considering that the game lifted much of its combat from the extremely over-the-top Crysis 3.

The Mars mission is around an hour long, and has players hopping between their squishy meat-bodies on Earth and your robot endoskeletons on Mars, culminating in a big boss fight. I'm all for shooters reinventing themselves. Warface has been experimenting for a while, reworking its (originally rubbish) business model to something a little less exploitative, and adding a Battle Royale mode a while back. As well as launching players into space, this update includes the usual collection of silly new weapon skins, a new seasonal Battle Pass and the usual round of bug-fixes and balance tweaks.

You can see the full Mars update patch notes here. Warface is free-to-play, and available on Steam or direct from publisher My.Games.

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