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Space-Ninjas: Warframe Adding Zero-G Combat Mode

Alice is going to the pub with Cara now bye

Sure, running around in power armour blowing things up is great and all, but don't all mecha big and small truly long to be among the stars? Free-to-play power armour 'em up Warframe is releasing its mecha from the bonds of the ground and setting them free to frolick in zero-gravity and blow each other to pieces. The free-to-play co-op shooter's fifteenth big update, named Archwing, will bring a whole new mode dedicated to the joys of space.

The new Archwing mode gives Warframes (that's the name of the robotsuits) chunky big addons to zoom around space, blasting away with space lasers and, at least in the case of the Warframe featured in the teaser trailer, swinging honking great space-swords. Developers Digital Extremes say they've been working on the mode for about a year now, though obviously it hasn't been their sole focus.

I heard good things about Warframe but haven't got past the tutorial, forever being distracted by something else. Some of these chums got really stuck in, though, and still play a lot--long past the point I usually tire of co-op games. Perhaps the tease of space-action will lure me in. I do like the weird semi-organic designs of those robosuits, bristling with fins, crests, and other protusions.

No word yet on quite when the update will launch. This slightly hasty news post is brought to you by Alice wanting to nick off to the pub with Cara.

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