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Wargroove is a build-your-own-battlefield Advance Wars


It seems we missed Wargroove [official site] when it was announced a few months ago. It’s a pixelly strategy game that looks closely inspired by Nintendo’s Advance Wars. It’s set in a mythical medieval world with skeletons and lances0 though, as opposed to a fictional near-future one with artillery shells and spanners. It also has the added appeal of being able to design and share your own battlefield maps, as you can see in this small slice of the PC Gaming Show at E3.

As you can see, the editing tools don’t just let you make new maps, say developers Chucklefish, you can make whole campaigns, cutscenes with dialogue and branching paths. But there are also 12 normal campaigns included, for all you people who can’t be bothered with #content #creation.

Advance Wars style battling seems perfect for the modern age, with online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players adding yet more lifespan to it all, no doubt. Frankly, it's a little odd that those green fields and turn-based battling took this long to replicate in such a close way (outside of the handful of phone-based homages). But now it's coming, expected some time this year, so be happy.

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