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Wargroove lays out plans for future fixes and features


Wee fixes and handy "quality of life" features are in the pipeline for Wargroove, developers Chucklefish say, with vague plans for a full-on content update and some DLC further down the way. Chucklefish laid out their plans yesterday, also noting that sales of their Advance Wars-y turn-based strategy game between Friday's launch and Sunday had "already covered the cost of development." Our Brendan's Wargroove review says it's a nice and cheery strat 'em up and it's claimed territory in the latest Steam charts, so good, good things are coming to a good game people like.

Chuckle fish say the first patch is finished and running through checks, fixing a handful of bugs including problems with online multiplayer maps against AI. That should hit the game real soon.

After that, a patch with "quality of life" changes is planned. Expect this and more:

  • The ability to skip battle scenes more quickly. With various options on how this will work.
  • The ability to force fast map movement to 'always on'.
  • Tooltips and more info for the effective/vulnerable charts.
  • In multiplayer, the host will be able to fill open spots with CPU players.
  • Display S rank requirements. (Tip for now, it's always based on number of turns.)
  • Make it more difficult to accidentally end a turn.

Handy but not huge. The bigger stuff is vaguer. Chucklefish say they're "looking into a larger content update, DLC and more." Which sounds... probably good? Chucklefish to tend to keep updating and expanding their games for a fair while, so I'd probably expect something notable.

In the meantime, hey, Wargroove is already pretty deece. Our boy Brendy contrasted its Advance Wars inspirations with the recent rejiggled Resident Evil 2 remake, saying Wargroove "is faithful to not just the spirit but the body of its inspiration, keeping both the pleasures and some pains of the old toy war game, pointedly refusing to change most of the basics, and instead simply adding extra layers: online multiplayer, map editing, a 'puzzle' mode. It's not so much a spiritual successor as it is a full-bodied recreation of the franchise, with skeleton horsemen instead of tanks."

Not that that's a bad thing. "The impeccable Into The Breach already established itself as the true successor to Advance Wars," he concluded, "but I'm perfectly happy to have the old Game Boy cartridge more or less repackaged, even if some of the old dust is trapped in there with it."

Wargroove is out now on Steam for £16/€17/$20. Speaking of the future, a GOG release is "coming soon."

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