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Roguelite strategy Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Storm Ground is out now

It's also too many names

My default response when I see a Warhammer fantasy game is, "Oh, another Warhammer fantasy game." So it was with the release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground a few days ago. Then a friend explained that it was a turn-based strategy game about combining your units' abilities in careful ways, to shove and ensnare your enemies. Like Into The Breach but with ghosts and chaos gods, maybe?

In any case, it's out now and I'm going to give it a go.

The video above is a developer playthrough which describes what my pal was talking about. At one point, the developer uses one soldier man (I know lots about Warhammer lore, can you tell) to cast an area of effect spell called Spirit Storm, then uses the big hammer of another soldier man to shove enemies into it, where they're vaporised.

Is there any greater pleasure in gaming that synchronising abilities in a turn-based game? I posit that there is not. Storm Ground lets you carry out these manouvers with one of three factions: the ghostly Nighthaunt, the immortal Stormcast, and the plague-loving Maggotkin.

Each faction has its own campaign to play through, and a roguelite structure where you retain some unit upgrades between runs - although there's some criticism among its reviews on Steam that it feels grindy. You can also customise your army by changing their colours in-game, if you just can't get enough of painting tiny soldiers.

Storm Ground is out now and with a 15% launch discount costs £29.74/$34/€34.

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