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Rat-Attack-Tack In Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

Macho, macho rat

While I've always felt a keener tie to its spacebound, power-armoured cousin, as a British Man I am unable to deny the pull of Warhammer. Vermintide [official site] is the latest in an increasingly (troublingly?) long list of tie-in games to the tabletop fantasy universe. A sort've Left 5 Skaven, you and some co-op buddies take the role of the last defenders of Ubersreik, a city invaded and occupied by the ratkin hordes during one of the setting's many apocalypses. GDC trailer showing the first glimpses of actual rat-biffing below.

Though I'd much prefer to be a member of the filthy writhing horde - much more relatable - this could be a hoot if they pull it off. Masses of Skaven poring into the streets, overly large weapons, exaggerated decapitation, everyone having a bloody good time. You'll be questing through the city and eventually into the rat tunnels themselves, hopefully to then encounter some of the larger denizens of Skaven civilization. Be sure to ask Kieron about those.

There's a bit of pedigree behind it too. Developers Fatshark Entertainment, as well as being the best named studio on Earth, were behind the Adam-appreciated War of the Vikings [official site] from last year. Release is currently planned for the second half of this year.

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