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Warren Spector Explains Why Epic Mickey's A Musical

I must admit to an odd fascination with Epic Mickey 2. I mean, it's a videogame musical. Who does that? And now, Me Of 12 Years Ago will feel an ominous tingling slither down his spine as Present Me says, "the creator of Deus Ex, that's who." But then, Warren Spector's kind of a legend, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Plus, it is - if nothing else - a fascinating idea. And, according to Spector, our in-game choices will even shape Epic Mickey's soundtrack. The real question, though, is how much?

Unfortunately, Spector isn't really clear on precisely which sorts of choices will shape the music or to what extent. I really, really hope he isn't just describing a typical dynamic soundtrack, which is the sort of thing that rises and falls based on combat/whatever-else intensity in just about every shooter and action game ever.

Regardless, Spector's been talking all kinds of fighting words about this one, so I hope to see it deliver. Also, when was the last time we had a good Disney game? As in, with Mickey and company, and on PC. Has that ever happened?

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