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Warsaw looking like Darkest Dungeon but with Nazi occupation

It sure is

Looking a fair bit like Darkest Dungeon only with Nazis instead of fishmen, Warsaw is coming our way on September 4th, developers Pixelated Milk announced today. It's a turn-based tactical battler set during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, when Polish resistance groups battled German occupiers. The real Warsaw Uprising ended with so much death and destruction, and I do wonder how much Warsaw the game will commit to that. The devs do say we'll encounter both historical and fictional scenarios as we build a resistance group and fight for the city. Hmm! For now, here, peep the new trailer.

While even the fight animations show a large and clear Darkest Dungeon influence, Warsaw does shake that formula up a bit. Combat's more about lanes than unit order, for starters. Or so I've heard.

"Despite its sombre subject matter, though, Pixelated Milk have struck upon something really quite special here, as its 2D gunfights and fetching hand-drawn artwork had me completely hooked by the end of my demo," our Katharine said after playing a bit at PAX East.

"Each battle plays out across two lanes, you see, giving you more space to manoeuvre and take cover behind sand bags and bits of rubble and the like as you whittle down the health of opposite side. As well as bringing another layer of strategic battling to the mix, it really adds to that feeling of hunkering down in the trenches and fighting tooth and claw to keep everyone alive, and I'm very much looking forward to playing the full game later this year."

September 4th on Steam, Katharine, mark your calendar. It's published by Game Company, which is the most remarkable video game publisher name I've heard since GameMill.

The Warsaw Uprising failed to free the city and saw an estimated 200,000 or so resistance members and civilians killed, and I'm still not sure how I feel about games using historical atrocities as settings for funsies. Thinking about Warsaw the city made me cry at my desk remembering survivors' accounts in the documentary Shoah. Seeing Warsaw the game made me think oh hey that's like Darkest Dungeon, that might be fun.

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