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Warzone 2: How to get Double XP Tokens

Learn how to get more XP Tokens and rank up faster in Warzone 2

How can you get more Double XP Tokens in Warzone 2? There are a few different types of Experience (XP) that you can earn in Warzone 2. Regular XP will upgrade your account level, while Weapon XP unlocks new attachments for the weapons you use. There's even Battle Pass XP, which will help you to unlock more rewards with the new Warzone 2 Battle Pass system.

To help you earn all these different kinds of XP as quickly as possible, you should use Warzone 2's consumable Double XP Tokens to - yes, you guessed it - double the rate at which you acquire that kind of XP. In this guide we'll explain how to get and use Double XP Tokens of different types so that you can level up faster than the competition and earn all the top weapons and loot before anyone else.

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How to get Double XP Tokens in Warzone 2

Double XP Tokens can be earned in either Warzone 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You can get them in the following ways:

  • Earn Battle Pass rewards.
  • Complete DMZ missions.
  • Complete campaign missions.
  • Wait for a Double XP Weekend Event.
  • Purchase the Vault Edition for 10 hours' worth of Double XP Tokens and Double Weapon XP Tokens.
  • Purchase special promotional food and drinks (dependent on your country).

The latter two methods involve spending real money, but the first four choices allow you to earn XP Tokens for free. By far the fastest ways to quickly get lots of Double XP Tokens are by unlocking Battle Pass rewards using Battle Tokens, and by completing missions in Warzone 2's new DMZ extraction mode.

You'll be able to see in both the Battle Pass sectors and the DMZ missions screen which sectors and missions will grant you XP Tokens as a reward, so you should prioritise those if you want to earn XP Tokens and rank up as quickly as possible.

What kinds of XP Tokens are there?

A screenshot of the A9 Sector screen in the Warzone 2 Battle Pass.

There are three types of XP Tokens in Warzone 2 right now:

  • Double XP Token: increases the rate at which you earn account level XP.
  • Double Weapon XP Token: increases the rate at which you earn weapon XP with the guns you're using.
  • Double Battle Pass XP Token: increases the rate at which you earn Battle Token XP.

In addition, you can get different versions of each of these XP Tokens which last for different amounts of time: 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Note that this is real-time, not in-game time, so once you activate an XP Token you should try to minimise the amount of time you spend in menus, loading screens, or pretty much anything else that doesn't involve you shooting another player in the face.

With that, you should know everything you need in order to start ranking up at double the usual speed with your compendium of Warzone 2 XP Tokens. If you're wondering which guns to focus on with the help of your new Weapon XP Tokens, check out our Warzone 2 best guns tier list. You can also consult our Warzone 2 weapon stats tables for a more in-depth look at each gun; or follow our advice on which is the best SMG, best Shotgun, best Sniper Rifle, or best Assault Rifle in Warzone 2 right now.

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