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Warzone 2's season two will bring back 1v1 Gulag fights next month

As well as Resurgence mode

Warzone 2's second season will drop on February 15th, and bring it with it new content and several changes to Call Of Duty's battle royale mode. One of those changes is being celebrated by the community: the return of the first game's 1v1 Gulag fights.

"1v1's are back in Battle Royale," tweeted the Infinity Ward and Raven Software accounts. "Gulag updates are coming in Season 02. We’ll be sharing more details about this in next week’s studio blog."

The Call Of Duty Twitter account offered some extra detail. "Season 02 will be launching on February 15th," begins the message. "Our studio teams have been making several changes based on what we have heard from our player community. Season 2 includes all new content, with the return of Resurgence, a brand new small map for Warzone 2.0, and updates to the Gulag, looting and loadouts.

"Ranked play is also back and coming to MWII, along with new multiplayer maps, new modes, weapons and much more."

Resurgence is a faster-paced take on battle royale in which players can respawn within after a short time as long as a member of their team remains alive. The mode was designed for smaller player counts and smaller maps.

In Warzone 1's main mode, however, dying would cause you to spawn in the Gulag, a small map in which you'd have to fight another recently deceased player for the opportunity to respawn. Warzone 2 switched that up by making the Gulag a 2v2 fight, pairing players with a random partner and respawning the winning team. Season 2 looks to reverse that change and revert to the old way of doing things.

I've no opinion either way, but as the video above explains, the Gulag was one of our favourite parts of the first Warzone.

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