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Warzone Audio Bang podcast episode one: we love you Verdansk, we do

Oh, Verdansk, we love you

Hello everyone. It's a strange new frontier we're dropping into this week. James Law and I have produced words from our throats on the topic of Call Of Duty: Warzone. Yes, Warzone Audio Bang joins the Electronic Wireless Show and The PC Gaming Weekspot as Rock Paper Shotgun's third podcast. It's our hope that you can enjoy our fortnightly Warzone-related ramblings while you're doing things like cleaning the oven, or walking your cat.

In this first episode of Warzone Audio Bang, we detail exactly why the game holds a special place in our hearts. And it's not just because we like shooty bang. We also consider how Take That's Gary Barlow would fare in Verdansk, and we take the opportunity to compare three of our regular teammates to different rodents. This is our platform, not theirs.

What else? Oh yeah, we touch on what we thought of the massive ship that brought zombies to Warzone. There's also a bit of chatter on some War Tracks we'd like to see added, and we kick off a regular bit where we question who could be behind three of our favourite CoD usernames. We're convinced no other game attracts such a number of interesting individuals.

Over time we hope you'll grow to love us as much as we love Warzone, so let us know what you think. And if you simply want to know what guns we're running with in Verdansk, James and I have gone full meta. Make sure to check out our AUG, MAC-10, and Kar98k loadouts to get in on the strongest setups in the game right now.

To check out this week's edition of Warzone Audio Bang, you can listen in the player above, or you can subscribe via your podcatching app of choice. RSS feed, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, TuneIn, Deezer: listen to us chat about all things Warzone however you like.

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