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Warzone map guide [Season 4]: the best Warzone loot locations in Verdansk

Learn all the best loot spots in Verdansk

The Call Of Duty: Warzone map is enormous. Larger even than the colossal locales of PUBG, Verdansk is home to many hundreds of unique buildings, thousands of loot drops, and up to 150 players at once. Our Warzone map guide will offer you an extremely detailed look at Verdansk and all its locations, even going so far as to rank the 20 best loot locations across the map.

Warzone map guide: Verdansk

There are plenty of images of the Call Of Duty: Warzone map, Verdansk, floating about the interwebs. But I think the below image might give us the best look yet at this colossal urban map and its locations. Take a look!

This high-resolution Warzone map of Verdansk displays the positions of all 20 named locations.
Click on this Warzone map to view the image at highest resolution!

Where to find the best Warzone loot

As you can see, there's an awful lot to look at in Verdansk, with 20 major named locations and a great many more unnamed locations filled with loot. So where should you go for the very best loot in Warzone?

Turns out there is a real answer to this question. The best loot locations in Warzone are Downtown, Airport, Quarry, Train Station, and Promenade East. These are the points with the highest concentration of high quality loot, so landing in these spots will maximise your chances of getting the best possible equipment early on in a match.

We have a decent idea of this thanks to none other than Infinity Ward themselves, who released an in-depth look at Verdansk and its regions and locations, with loot quality ranks to boot. The below map marks every single location in Verdansk which has been given a 5/5 rating for loot by the developers. Out of 335 points of interest, only 20 have been given this elusive top loot rating:

The top 20 loot locations in Verdansk are labelled on this Warzone map.
If you're looking for the locations of all the Warzone bunkers, check out our Warzone Bunker locations guide!

These 20 top loot locations in Warzone are listed below, alongside an in-world screenshot of each place. Click on the images to view them at full resolution.



Quarry - Rail Yard Bridge



Quarry - Shipping



Airport - Control Tower Complex



Airport - Main Terminal



Airport - Parking Structure



Storage Town






Train Station - Ticket Hall



Promenade East - Gas Station, Bank & Apartments



Promenade East - Apartment Complex



TV Station






Downtown - Entertainment District



Downtown - Art Museum



Downtown - Arts District



Downtown - Broadcast Tower



Downtown - Financial District



Lumber Yard



Port - Vacant




If we're talking about the area with the highest concentration of top-tier loot, Downtown is the clear winner with 5 of the 20 top loot spots. But it's also by far the most popular area in Verdansk, which increases the risk. By contrast, more secluded areas such as Lumber Yard and TV Station may provide a slightly lower risk, while still giving you plenty of high-quality loot.

Warzone map features

Aside from the abundance of locations and loot across the Warzone map, there are a few key features of Verdansk that ought to be learnt well:

  • Buy Stations. Our Call Of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations guide has more details on this, but for now let's just say that Buy Stations are an incredibly important aspect of Warzone as a whole, where you can go to spend Cash on all sorts of fantastic rewards and upgrades.
  • Bunkers. Previously you could never get into these bunkers, but now the bunker doors dotted about Verdansk can be opened with special keycard loot drops, so you can get at the high-value loot within. Check out our Warzone Bunker locations guide for full details!
  • Vehicle Spawns. There are a total of five different types of vehicle available in Call Of Duty: Warzone, and they each have preset possible spawn locations across Verdansk. Vehicles can mean the difference between life and death in many situations, so it's good to gain a working knowledge of how to use them, and where to find them.
  • Ammo Caches. Ammo Caches are like pre-spawned ammunition boxes (like the ones you can buy at Buy Stations), and seeing as ammo is often in short supply in Warzone, it's very important to know about them. If you see either a Police Station or a Gun Store, you should know that there is a guaranteed Ammo Cache to be found inside.

Two Warzone teams fight each other while traversing the Warzone map at high speed with vehicles.

That's more or less everything we have to offer so far on the immense Call Of Duty: Warzone map, Verdansk. But that's certainly not all we've got to offer on Warzone as a whole, as you can see from the alluring list of guides just below!

Call Of Duty: Warzone guide series [Season 5]

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