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Warzone players are exploiting a glitch that turns them into cheating snakes

Don't be a snake

War is all fun and games, until a bunch of people figure out how to turn into snakes. By exploiting a glitch in Call Of Duty: Warzone, it's currently possible to appear as if you're lying prone when you are in fact standing up, letting you hide behind a wall while invisibly shooting people. It is a bit funny, but also frustrating and game-breaking. The snakening commenced over a day ago but the developers haven't yet acknowledged it.

There are plenty of vids floating around, but here is a particularly clear example of hot snakey nonsense. (Sorry about the dodgy name and unpleasant swearing).

And here's why it's so frustrating.

That's a man being shot by a man he could not see, and had absolutely no chance against. Boooooooo.

Reports from Reddit suggest a lot of players are taking advantage of their new found snake powers, which makes sense as the bug is very easy to replicate. I won't tell you how to do it, because you shouldn't. Obviously you could find out for yourself, but you know. Don't?

I do understand why developers Infinity Ward haven't acknowledged it anywhere (as far as I can see). The more attention that's brought to the glitch, the more it will be abused. You could argue I shouldn't have written this post, but I hope to temper any dark, serpentine urges you might be feeling by stressing that this isn't a fun thing to do.

Treat others as you want to be treated! Don't be a snake. Maybe read Guidesman Ollie's Call Of Duty Warzone tips instead.

Season 4 starts on Wednesday. Hopefully Infinity Ward will put a stop to the slithering then, if not before.

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