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Warzone Trick or Treating: Trick or Treat Supply Box locations and rewards

All the rewards and locations for Warzone Trick or Treating.

Warzone’s new Haunting of Verdansk lets you go trick or treating around Downtown. If we’re unable to go spooking out friends this Halloween, dressing up as Sexy Captain Price, then at least we can do it in Call of Duty. Here’s how to go trick or treating in Warzone.

Warzone Trick or Treating overview

16 areas in Verdansk have the chance to have special Trick or Treat supply boxes. These will give you the chance to win a permanent reward item like a weapon blueprint or calling card. You can track your event progress on the tac map screen or under the ‘Halloween Event’ tab in the lobby menu.

Rewards and Locations

Here are the potential rewards you can earn from Trick or Treat supply boxes. Each one is unique to the particular area it’s found in, so head to the place we specify if you’re still looking for a certain one.

  • Storage Town - ‘Spooky Scene’ calling card (Epic)
  • Boneyard - ‘Jack-o’-Lantern’ charm (Epic)
  • Superstore - ‘Skeleton Crew’ spray (Epic)
  • Dam - ‘Time of the Season’ watch (Legendary)
  • Hills - ‘Lil’ Demon’ charm (Epic)
  • Airport - ‘The Joker’ sticker (Epic)
  • Train (moving area) - ‘The Woodsman’ spray (Epic)
  • Military Base - ‘Return to Dust’ Oden blueprint (Epic)
  • Hospital - ‘Pumpkin Peril’ calling card (Epic)
  • TV Station - ‘Freak of Nature’ spray (Epic)
  • Downtown - ‘Chainsaw Fiend’ spray (Epic)
  • Quarry - ‘Flashy Fate’ sticker (Epic)
  • Stadium - ‘The Harvester’ emblem (Rare)
  • Port - ‘Ghoulish Gift’ emblem (Rare)
  • Lumber Yard - ‘Scary Patch’ emblem (Rare)
  • Gulag - ‘The Cleaver’ knife blueprint (Legendary)

Pumpkin Punisher Grau 5.56 blueprint.
After obtaining all 16 Trick or Treat rewards, you’ll gain a Pumpkin Punisher Grau 5.56 blueprint - the ‘Pumpkin Punisher’. You also get the ‘Spooky Goodies’ charm for clicking on the Trick or Treat menu, so don’t skip it out.

Which modes have Trick or Treat supply boxes?

Of course, you don’t want to be sitting in a Warzone match with no hope of ever finding a Trick or Treat supply box. Well, these supply boxes are available throughout all modes, including Zombie Royale or even Plunder. I’d recommend dropping into Plunder if you’re desperate to blast through all the Trick or Treat rewards, since you respawn after every single kill. Of course, the Gulag is only available in BR and Zombie Royale, so to earn The Cleaver you’ll need to get killed and loot it.

Tricks and penalties

We don’t know exactly what will happen when you open a ‘trick’ supply box, but from the Call of Duty blog, we know that it’ll be ‘horrifying both visually and audibly’. Don’t worry though - the trick will deal no damage.

That's all for our Warzone Trick or Treating guide! Check out more of our Warzone pages if you're struggling to stay alive long enough to grab your treats - our best Warzone guns page should help out, as well as some general Warzone tips to help you raise your level of play.

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