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Watch all the new gameplay demos from Day Three of the Guerrilla Collective right here

The third and final day of Guerrilla's notE3 celebrations

The new PC games train just keeps on chugging, as indie extravaganza The Guerrilla Collective is back for a third and final day of announcements. Today was all about taking a closer look at some of the more interesting games of the festival, with lengthy gameplay demos and interesting developer chats. If you missed what happened earlier in the Guerrilla Collective, you can catch up on everything that happened on Day One and Day Two right here, but today we're all about the new PC announcements from Day Three.

As you've probably gathered by now, the Guerrilla Collective is a three-day festival of new PC game announcements. There's been a fair amount of overlap between the PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show in terms of the games themselves, but Guerrilla Collective has often offered a much deeper look at the games in question, giving us plenty of new information to chew over. And remember, you can check out all the Guerrilla Collective games and download some free demos over on their Steam page, too.

Guerrilla Collective Day Three (June 15th)


There aren't individual videos for each of these gameplay demos, so what I've done is embed the entire stream below, but linked each game to its respective time-stamp, so you can just click on those to teleport yourself straight to the game in question. Right at the end, The Guerrilla Collective also showed off the new trailer for Gloomwood from New Blood Interactive, which you'll probably recognise from its appearance at the PC Gaming Show. No gameplay from this one unfortunately, but you can play its free demo right now. With that, here's everything else that was played and discussed on Day Three of The Guerrilla Collective.

Iron Harvest - new gameplay demo and developer interview

Upcoming dieselpunk RTS Iron Harvest was the first game to kick off Day Three of the Guerrilla Collective, and we got to see a new gameplay demo that shows off the game's tutorial. Taking place when the protagonists are children, you learn the art of modern warfare by... chucking snowballs at each other. Classic stuff. We also saw a proper mission in action, giving you a much better idea of what the main campaign will look like. Even better, there will be a free demo on Steam starting tomorrow (June 16th), so you can give it a go yourself.

Say No More - new gameplay demo and developer interview

Do you have a hard time saying no to things? Well, Say No More is the game for you. You get to shout "No!" at your tedious colleagues, bellow "No!" to people asking you to work late, and slam down more righteous "Noes!" to your horrible boss, too. You'll have to work your way up to it, though, as you're only a lowly intern at this company who's eager to make a good impression. Made by Studio Fizbin, Say No More will be coming to PC later this year, and today's Guerrilla Collective stream revealed some proper gameplay. We got to see an early demo of the game being played, as well as your first encounter with your rubbish boss man. They're hoping for a release on November 9th ("No"-vember, and nine / 'nein' is "no" in German), but nothing's confirmed just yet.

Boyfriend Dungeon - new gameplay demo and developer interview

If you've been lusting after Kitfox's date your weapon dungeon crawler, then feast your eyes on this brand-new handsome gameplay demo. You may have played said demo if you managed to track it down at a game show last year such as PAX East, but this is the first time Kitfox have shown the demo off to the public. We get a look of the overworld and some of the conversations you can have with those hot, hot swords you'll be able to date, including lothario Sunder. There will be seven dateable weapons at launch, and two more as free updates for Kickstarter backers (which may also be free for non-backers, but Kitfox haven't decided on this yet). The first dungeon you unlock is a 12-storey mall dungeon, which is randomly generated, but there will be a night club one later on as well, plus a mini-dungeon for boss fights. Still no release date, though.

30XX - new gameplay demo and developer interview

The sequel to 20XX, 30XX offers even more of that run 'n' gun roguelike action. We got a closer look at character Ace yesterday, but today we got to see a full demo of a level in co-op multiplayer. Every level is randomly generated, including the order you get your powers, so not two playthroughs will be the same. Like 20XX, struggling players will also be able to teleport to the position of their companion to help bypass tough obstacles, which is good news for me because I'm usually terrible at these sorts of games. The game will be entering early access later this year.

West Of Dead - new gameplay demo developer interview

Find out how Ron Perlman came to be the voice of the very stylish West Of Dead in this brand-new developer chat. One of three Western games coming out this month (on June 18th!), West Of Dead looks right up our street. A mash-up of everything the developers have ever wanted in a video game, this comic book-style twin-stick cover shooter roguelite looks like it really captures the hectic nature of a wild west gun fight. There will be four different flavours of guns (shotguns, rifles, revolvers and pistols), and you'll need to make the most of their unique advantages to take down your foes quickly in its procedurally generated caverns.

System Shock - new gameplay demo and developer interview

If you've been itching to get a good look at the upcoming System Shock remake, you're in luck. Today's Guerrilla Collective stream did just that, showing us the opening of the game in all its spooky detail. We saw a new trailer for the game on Saturday during Day One of the Guerrilla Collective, and now we can see the current alpha version of the game in full. Re-built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4, the devs hope System Shock will play like a contemporary FPS game.

The Eternal Cylinder - new gameplay demo and developer interview

We love what we've seen of this mad Pikmin Spore-alike so far, and now you can finally see what we've been raving about in this new gameplay demo. Under the expert guidance of developer ACE Team, you can see exactly what you'll be doing in this survival adventure game about morphing and adapting to your environment and escaping the titular (and utterly terrifying) eternal cylinder, including what kind of creatures you'll be coming across in your journey, and the kinds of powers you'll be yoinking in the process. Set in a strange, eerie and beautiful world, we can't wait to hurriedly explore all of its nooks and crannies when the game eventually comes out.

Whatever you call it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer's blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous marketing. Check out the PC games at the PlayStation 5 show, everything at the PC Gaming Show, and all the trailers from the Xbox showcase, for starters.

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