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Can you hack it, fellow kids? Watch Dogs 2 is out on PC

This is the algorithm of the night

Watch Dogs 2 [official site] is out now on PC, two weeks after our best friends in Console Town got their hands on it. The delay wasn’t surprising coming from Ubisoft, who like to make us wait before letting us clean up all the icons they’ve spilled onto a new map. They said it was to make sure the game “runs smoothly across a broad range of hardware”. Well, now we can test that theory for ourselves. You there, with the Pentium II processor, get downloading.

The first Watch Dogs wasn’t much loved, featuring dull characters and a world that was less about hacking things and more about pressing Q at contextually appropriate moments. Graham said it was “infuriating because of its controls and rendered dull by its slavish devotion to scripts and plots”. For the sequel, Ubi are trying to be more fun about things, with characters that look like they've been designed by a Steve Buscemi meme and a story that is a slightly more relevant to today’s world of cyber-silliness, featuring face-recognising algorithms, melodramatic hacker collectives and villainous CEOs.

Adam is currently hacking his way through the story of Marcus, an Oakland hacker wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit. We’ll have his thoughts on the game soon. Until then, you can enjoy some topical real life hacker news, because the transport system of the real San Francisco got infected with ransomware this weekend and gave passengers free rides for a whole day.

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